No Girl Without a Site!

The possible misunderstanding in the heading above came to the fore for the first time a few years ago with Banu Alkan's "potion" advertisements. He answered the "website" question of the kokoreç and chestnut seller by saying, "Is there a place to build a site?" This answer seems likely to apply to the virtual world in the near future.

In the past days, a piece of news has fallen on the world agenda. The video sharing website "youtube", founded by two young people just two years ago, has been flooded with visitors in a short time. And this site was bought by "google", one of the giants of the virtual world, for 1.65 billion dollars, yes, exactly one billion six hundred and fifty million dollars. When I read this figure, which surprised even the CEO of Microsoft, I thought of Turkish companies that we are proud of. The annual turnover of many of our companies, almost half a century, could not even approach this figure. Is it just them? The world's leading global brands, Mercedes, Shell and many more, lagged far behind in terms of 'brand value'. If those two young people had taken these site projects to a Turkish company and said "We will set up a site and share a video", I am sure you can guess the answer they would receive. So when we say "youtube" or "google", we were surprised which one we would be surprised. One of them had the financial strength to pay that price in two years, and the other in a little more time.

So how did this happen? This is where what they call the "new economy" lies. These and numerous other indicators are actually the clearest signs that the internet world will take up much more space in our lives. In fact, it is estimated that the e-commerce volume will be 75 billion dollars in 2008, and again, as a result of a research conducted in the UK recently, it was announced that the rate of watching internet ads started to surpass TV advertisements. One of the things that are being worked on today is to be able to connect TVs in every home to the internet. As this whole process unfolds and improves, nothing will be the same as before.

At a conference I recently attended, Serdar Erener put around twenty leading Turkish brands in their categories in his presentation and asked the audience, "Which of these would you be sorry if not tomorrow?" Since we do not have a global website yet, it was not on the list. And none of the brands voted by 700 people exceeded 8 out of ten. However, if there were 'google' on the list, it was certain that it would reach the highest rate. Personally, my work would have been interrupted if it were not for "google", which I clicked an average of fifty times a day and allowed me to finish many works in a short time. And just like the cell phone, I don't know what we were doing without it. I'm sure millions of people share this opinion.

Today's success stories no longer start with the phrase "selling goods in a small shop". More than half of the 40 new rich people announced by an economy magazine in the past months are internet rich and this number is increasing every day around the world. Moreover, this "new road" has become the most ideal method for many entrepreneurial young people whose only capital is their "intelligence". It seems that the internet, which is definitely the biggest invention of the age, rewrites the genetic codes of 'entrepreneurship' on the one hand, and on the other hand, does not go shopping without visiting websites, even does not leave home for shopping, spends most of the day on the net, in short, every creates a whole new generation whose thing is the internet. I guess it would not be an assertive prophecy to predict that internet addiction will increase at least ten times in the near future, when the children of the 'Z' generation, who are now called informatics children, will dominate - which would not be wrong to call it addiction anymore. Then it will be much more difficult to remember the answer to the question "what were we doing without the internet".

Do not delay any more to take your place in the internet world, neither institutionally nor individually. People now call you from there, recognize you from there, watch and communicate with you from there. In other words, whatever your 'virtual showcase' is, you are now too

I said it; There is no girl close to anyone who does not have a website.

Abdullah Cem Yaşar

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Abdullah Cem Yaşar