Ideal or Enthusiasm?

Every time I read Washington Irving's quote, "Ordinary people have ambitions, great people have ideals," I immediately question my goals that excite me whenever they come to my mind. And I slowly answer the question of "enthusiasm or ideal". 'Ideal' and 'enthusiasm'. Is it an eternal love or a fleeting love?

As we listen to the revolutionary days that our elders tell with different emotions, we feel different feelings like them. We learned something from history lesson; that historical events should always be evaluated according to the conditions of the day. Therefore, although I take a very critical view of what happened in those days, I would like to leave the "historical" dimension of the work to historians and express another inference. Those people — many of them college students — fought all these fights for their own ideals. Whatever his thoughts were, whether they were right or wrong, they had an 'ideal'. And they did not hesitate to die for this cause.

Is it just them? History has always written those who died for their ideals on its special pages. Martin Luther King, an unforgettable defender of human rights, had ended his life at the age of 39, saying "I have a dream ...", defending the rights of black people and succeeding in bringing millions of people together in a short time. Moreover, with a treacherous assassination. And while he was dying for his ideals, he left a bullet promise to those who could not do it, as if to commit suicide: “If you don't have a purpose to die for, then you don't deserve to live…” Now the American people never forget him. Those who tried to dissuade him from this case do not remember at all.

When we look at the time we come now, we don't see people fighting. But we no longer see those who have 'ideals' either. We see those who seek their purpose, those who seek enthusiasm. While at the university, we had a Nazan teacher. We learned what "business" is from him. Sometime after I graduated, I went for a visit. I was very surprised that during the two hours I sat in the room, almost no students entered his room. However, during those university years, perhaps he was eroding his doors in order to find his professors outside of the classroom, to talk about his ideals, and to benefit from them even a little bit more. I have had many friends who are "Sworn Financial Advisors" and make calculations of making a lot of money. But none of them knocked on the door of an accounting professor at the university, fervently spoke about his goal, asked for advice. Believe me, I don't know where they are now.

Ask yourself one day; "Is it my enthusiasm or is it ideal?" Question "Why do you want to be prime minister?" Would you be wondering if the irresistible charm of black authority vehicles attracted you or to serve the homeland nation. And if your answer turns out to be 'ideal,' don't let go. Prime ministers' answers are always' ideal 'because ...

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