Putting the Hand Under the Stone

Between the years 1939-1945, hundreds of thousands of people died. After World War II, there was almost no stone on stone in Germany. Not only the country's economy, but also social life had taken a heavy blow. Two big cities in the same war; In Japan, where atomic bombs were dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the situation was not much different. As of today, these two countries are much stronger in the world arena than before that war. Today, when commercial wars are taking place, the Japanese have Toyota, while the Germans have a Mercedes.

It should not be too difficult to find the formula for this rapid development. In a word, this can be called a 'social development' attack. Because the people of both nations joined hands and rebuilt their lives. Not only did they build new buildings, they used the latest technology in each of their works, and most of the time they found the latest technology themselves. While doing all these, they did not neglect to take lessons from the past. Every Japanese child in primary school is first taken to gigantic factories and then to the arid lands in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And it is said to them; "If you work hard and can't get past them, you may end up like this".

On the other hand, we fought our own liberation struggle long before them. However, full independence requires economic independence, and we still haven't been able to achieve that. Every part of the society, including those at the top of the state, which fosters the 'fighting culture' with its 'fish smells like' every day, is trying to bring each other down instead of hand in hand. There are ethnic differences, differences of opinion; may be. Look, there are the same problems for America there. There is even more. But let's see that in a violence against society (see the September 11 incident), the whole people almost become one. They also hold the Lakers and the Utah Jazz. But their country is the most developed in the world. On the other hand, there are almost images of civil war in Fenerbahçe-Galatasaray match.

But now it should be enough. We spent a lot of time, we no longer have the luxury of it. Day after day, where to sing songs in the morning and in the evening. Competition in the world is more brutal than ever. While we are eating each other with internal strife, serious events are happening right next to us. Today, we need unity and solidarity, that is "social development", more than ever. Don't sit in front of the computer at home and think, "What can we do?" Of course, everyone has a water to pour into this fire, even if it is a drop. These lands have seen heroes in the history of the world that will not be easily given to anyone. Once again why not… We have to take responsibility now…

When you don't have the mood to move your finger, there is no need to go to Hiroshima, just remember Çanakkale. That's when you will think of "the noble blood in your veins" ...

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