Your Pocket Will Be Filled With Money

Thousands of years ago, those who exchanged the fruits they collected from the trees for the meat of animals hunted by others with chipped sharp stones, and those who came after them and started the new shopping system by finding the money and finally came to the point where civilization was going to take a space trip, the spirit in the owners of the steps taken was always the same: Entrepreneurship. Although this concept, which is as old as the existence of humanity, has a commercial meaning today, it actually includes all social, cultural and political steps.

I guess it would be enough to stop and look around in order to understand the importance of enterprises and entrepreneurs in our lives. The lines you are reading now emerged as a result of the efforts of the engineers who started the first PC (personal computer) revolution in the world. Again, after you lie on your chair and write and write an article, the computers that e-mail your friend with your voice command will be the work of entrepreneurs. Each new venture will shape the world a little more, and each new venture will open another window in our lives.

Benjamin Franklin, one of the former presidents of America, said, “Look at filling your head with big dreams. Your head will then fill your pocket with money ”. This is necessary first. A dream that will activate all the energy; original idea. The next step, most importantly, is what will make you different: to act, to practice. One step closer to your own business. And ultimately, whatever happens, to experience the "I tried this" feeling, which comes to life in Edison's phrase "I know 999 ways that don't go to electricity" to try to find electricity ... Just like Sydney J. Harris's famous quote: " Regret for things passes with time, however, regret for what we did not do has no remedy. "

I guess being in constant search like "Wandering Fox" is the most accurate key of this concept. Because every new opportunity, every new initiative that starts with only a small step will open the door of another. First the wheel will be found, then that wheel will be a tire to the car, and then car mechanics will come out.

As a final word - and I could add - Anthony Greenbank's quote in The Book Of Surrival: "You don't need the reflexes of a Formula 1 driver to survive in an impossible situation; the muscles of Hercules, the mind of Einstein." . Know what to do, enough. "

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