The Period of 'Selling Pottery' is Over

The entrepreneurship stories that we are used to hearing in newspapers and televisions every day usually start by selling small items in a small shop, due to the nature of the business. When we look at today's brands with a billion dollar turnover, considering the period they were founded, it is an undeniable fact that they did great things. What about now?

Kennedy had said that 'change is the rule of life'. The 21st century, with all these scientific and technological developments, is rearranging everything, breaking all the rules, almost reshaping our lives. While I was working in the office, I became more curious about what people were doing at work in the past, as I saw people around who did not take their eyes off the computer screen even for a moment and spent almost a total of hours a day pressing the "send / receive" button.

Of course, the concept of "entrepreneurship" has also had its share from all these changes. The internet, the invention of the century, which has become the indispensable reality of today's world, was quick to write the genetic codes of the entrepreneur. In addition to its tremendous success in the stock market surpassing global century-old brands with its value, "Google" is now buying new websites by paying billions of dollars. Youtube was the last and most effective example of this. I guess it would not be wrong to present the site, which was founded by two MBA students, as the most obvious and effective indicator of "new entrepreneurship". Youtube, which was purchased by Google and had hundreds of thousands of visitors, was founded by two students. When you look at the net world today, MySpace, Yahoo etc. You will see websites such as those whose numbers can be expressed in decimals, and whose values ​​reach or even exceed billions of dollars. We can say that "new entrepreneurship" has already defeated "classical entrepreneurship" when we see that the values ​​of many companies of half a century in the world cannot come close to these figures.

Many leading Turkish companies expressed their regrets by expressing in every environment that they missed an incredible opportunity due to GSM tenders. After the first two operators have not yet capture the success of the third company entered the market wants to make up for a missed opportunity to show that it was difficult factors in Turkey. I do not know if the GSM error will be compensated, but I do not think that those who do not take their hand quickly can easily compensate for the internet opportunity. Because, just like in the real environment, lands are sold quickly on the Internet. Statements that there will be no room soon have already started. The most important opportunity for companies that cannot survive in an environment without inflation, disappear, have difficulties in coping with low profit margins, and are confused about where they can save. Murat Vargı, who offered the Çukurova Group the opportunity of their lives with the "Turkcell" project in 1994, made his latest investment to, which brought a new breath to the search engine concept with the "asking questions" system. The brand awareness and values ​​of Turkish websites such as,, etc. has already surpassed their brands.

Many websites, including Yahoo, are now focused on the relationship between the internet world and mobile phone. Even these studies allow us to predict what we will see in the near future. When that little device in our hands is fully integrated with the net world, it will see another goal in the classic entrepreneurship household. I don't know if they heard Larry Elison's famous speech to Yale alumni "You will never be among the top ten rich" in 2000, but many people have already quit their university studies and have started to move forward in the net world. Because the best part of this "new entrepreneurship" is that it always takes that excuse from those who lament "no capital" and substitutes "find a site idea, get started".

In short, it is necessary to keep the hand fast. Taking the horse, Üsküdar will not leave anything soon. Hurry, at worst, start by taking your own name. Then, new ideas and projects will come, if any. By the way; Do not worry about the land that you have to buy outside the city due to the lack of space. After all, you will be surrounded by sites in a short time ...

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