Abdullah Cem Yaşar was born in 1979 in the Beysehir district of Konya as the first child of a working father and a housewife mother. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Konya Seydişehir. He took his place among the first graduates of Seydisehir Anatolian High School.

Although he won the Department of Turkish Language and Literature at Istanbul University in 1997, he left the department when he was still in his second year. In 2000, he won the Business Administration Department of Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University and enrolled. During his university life, he chaired the Executive Club, the most successful student club of the university, for 2 years. One of Turkey's leading youth movement did in the same period of the ARI Movement's presidential Canakkale. In addition to these, he took important roles in many projects such as Future Managers and Uni-Aile.

When he was a second-year student, he started his professional career as an Advertising and Public Relations Specialist upon a job offer, he received from a furniture company. After his graduation in 2004, he worked as a "Corporate Communications Manager" until 2007 in the company where he started working full-time this time.

He resigned from his position in 2007 to implement his own projects. First, he published the book "101 Effective Words", which is his first compilation work and which attracted great attention in a short time. Later, he founded VAY Consulting company and started to provide consultancy services in the field of communication. He has served as a consultant to many public and private sector organizations.

In 2008, an NGO; Turkey 2023 Movement has made its leadership. That same year, Turkey's largest online survey site that founded. During this period, he shared his work and his thoughts on the country's agenda as a guest on many television programs. He wrote columns in periodicals such as Personal Development Magazine and Economic Solution Newspaper.

He is still working as a manager in VAY Digital, VAY Academy and VAY Production companies, which are his own companies, and continues to work in their fields of expertise…

Change or die!

The famous thinker Heraclitus, at the beginning of her words "the only thing that does not change is change", drew attention to the concept of change centuries ago by saying that "it cannot...

The End of Commun...

The title of my article will immediately bring to mind Sergio Zyman, one of the former legendary directors of Coca-Cola. Two books he wrote; With "The End of Advertising We Know"

It Done By Selling...

The entrepreneurship stories that we are used to every day in newspapers and televisions start by selling small items in a small shop due to the nature.

Your Pocket Will Be Filled With Money

Thousands of years ago, those who exchanged the fruits they gathered from the trees for the meat of the animals that others hunted with chipped sharp stones also came after them and found the new money.

Putting the Hand Under the Stone

Between the years 1939-1945, hundreds of thousands of people died. After World War II, there was almost no stone left in Germany. Not only the country's economy, but also social life had taken a heavy blow.

Art of Crafts

I used to hear from my father when I was little, and I wouldn't believe that "craftsmanship is an art." What could be an art of transactions as simple as buying and selling things or giving and receiving money? So would a skill...

Ideal or Enthusiasm?

Every time I read Washington Irving's quote, "Ordinary people have ambitions, great people have ideals," I immediately question my goals that excite me whenever they come to my mind.

They stole Nasreddin...

Moreover, in broad daylight, in front of everyone. While we were fighting whether we were from Akşehir or Sivrihisar, while we were just laughing and adding new anecdotes to their jokes, the man of the hand stole.

No Girl Without a Site

The possible misunderstanding in the heading above came to the fore for the first time a few years ago with Banu Alkan's "potion" advertisements. He answered the "website" question of the kokoreç and chestnut..."

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